A Review: Please Like Me

by themusingsofabohogirl

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I often say those words to my cat, but in this case it’s also the title of a fantastic Australian comedy starring Josh Thomas. Usually I find comedy dramas to be a letdown, but Please Like Me is just really well done. In the first episode, Josh’s girlfriend breaks up with him because he’s gay; his mother attempts suicide and he’s forced to make some difficult decisions. Josh’s world is dark and hilarious. Please Like Me is not absurd, it’s honest and funny, which is rare for most comedies. The first season consists of six episodes so I binge-watched the entire season while baking a flourless chocolate torte.

Josh is endearing, directionless, and a little frustrating. His relationships are sweet and somewhat awkward. Josh’s first love interest, Geoffrey is my favorite; he’s lovely. Geoffrey deals with Rose, Josh’s mentally ill mum and her quirky ways. He is present for many of Josh’s milestones. The writing is clever with realistic dialogue; the sadness, exasperation, and humor make this comedy one of my favourites. Josh Thomas’ writing team includes his real life and onscreen best friend, Thomas Ward.

In the second season, Josh is finding his way and dealing with unrequited love. There are more episodes too: ten. Josh’s world is a little larger, he has another housemate in addition to Tom: Patrick. The dynamic between them is different. We see Alan (Josh’s father) and Mae (Alan’s girlfriend) a bit more. Their relationship is amusing, they come from vastly different cultures and there’s an age difference, which is cleverly portrayed.

Please Like Me ended at an interesting moment and I’m looking forward to the third season. It premieres Friday, October 16, 2015 on Pivot. I’m a little jealous that we don’t have smart comedies anymore. Seasons 1 and 2 are on Hulu, iTunes, and Amazon Prime. It’s available everywhere. So watch with me, I promise you’ll fall for John (Josh’s adorable dog).