Holidays, Books, and Charities

by themusingsofabohogirl


I was listening to Bing Crosby and David Bowie’s classic Christmas song, Peace on Earth/ Little Drummer Boy. It was the first time I had heard the beautiful song and I immediately fell in love with it. The idea of good will and peace on earth is a noble one, I was thinking about the one organization that embraces those values. UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, works tirelessly to save the lives of refugees and place them in safe countries. Their support has saved countless lives and demonstrates the importance of supporting refugees. Spend a little time on their website, you’ll see stories of hope. Refugees who risked everything to seek safety, are now learning the language of their new country, they’re opening businesses, and building lives. Everyone deserves to live in a stable country and UNHCR recognizes that fact with action.

For me the holidays isn’t just lovely desserts and presents, it’s about giving to organizations that make an impact. So this post I’m sharing my favorite charities, all I ask is that you read about them and help if you can. If funds are tight, donating time is always an option. These are three organizations that I support:

UNHCR, a program that assists and protects refugees. You can read more here.

UNICEF, an organization that protects the rights of children across the world. They work to provide access to a quality education, healthcare, and gender equality for children. Take a look at all their work here.

Combat Stress, a UK organization that treats veterans suffering from PTSD and other mental health traumas. This mental health charity is immensely important to the veterans and their families.

Also if you’re able to, homeless shelters tend to have few books and many local shelters accept book donations. Check with your local shelter using this map.

Happy Holidays and best wishes for a wonderful New Year! I’ll be reviewing Ali Smith’s Winter in January. xx