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June: My Five Obsessions

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During the summer months, I’m a little more introspective but I suppose that’s why festivals exist, we can immerse ourselves in music, literature, and dance. June feels like the beginning of everything and so much seems possible; it’s the start of summer, there are many holidays to celebrate i.e. Bloomsday. I remember my first Midsummer Night in Devon, the bonfire and an outdoor performance of A Midsummer’s Night Dream made South West England even more special. Here are the five things I’m obsessed with.

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April: My Five Obsessions

Spring is upon us. In college, it meant one final break before exams. My springtime rituals haven’t changed much, trips to the ballet and finding a good book to read at the park. American Ballet Theatre’s Spring Season at the Met holds special memories, I saw David Hallberg perform for the first time and it was breathtaking. Seeing him dance became a tradition, but there are plenty of other traditions to continue while Mr. Hallberg heals from surgery.


1. Landmarks by Robert Macfarlane. I’m midway through this remarkable book. The glossary filled with landscape terms in Old English, Gaelic, and Welsh is astounding. Macfarlane explores Nan Shepherd’s The Living Mountain, what influenced her, and how living in the Cairngorms shaped her writing. Macfarlane describes his own experience in the Cairngorms with such beauty it leaves the reader in awe. You can find a copy here.

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Unrequited Love in Tanaquil Le Clercq’s Afternoon of a Faun

Tanaquil Le Clercq

Tanaquil Le Clercq

Several days ago I found myself watching a documentary, it was one of those rare stories that mixed promise, tragedy, and unrequited love. Nancy Buirski’s Afternoon of a Faun is follows the life of Tanaquil Le Clercq, a young ballet dancer with the American Ballet, as she becomes a Balanchine muse and eventually his wife. When Tanaquil’s develops polio, her life is changed forever; she’s left immobile and sent to a treatment facility in Warm Springs, Georgia. Buirski’s depicts a devoted Balanchine as a devoted husband who desperately sought the best care for his wife, he truly believed Tanny, as she was called, would dance again. This would never happen, in fact, Tanny spent the rest of life in a wheelchair.

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Five Dials, How to be Both, and the other Gems of 2014

Judging from the news, it seems as though the world is in a complete free fall, but 2014 had its moments. So I am going to share everything I discovered this year.

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