1792 and 2014

“The eyes of others our prisons; their thoughts our cages.” – Virginia Woolf

Mary Wollstonecraft called for equality among the sexes in her book, A Vindication for the Rights of Woman, I can’t imagine what Wollstonecraft would think if she could see the world now; she would probably be hospitalised for shock. Seeing mobiles, televisions, computers, Apple, cars, women driving cars, and modern hospitals is enough to frighten any Victorian woman. But then she’d recover, after all this is the same woman who tried to drown herself in the River Thames. Wollstonecraft was truly fearless, she wasn’t fearless in the meaningless way that the word is used now; Mary Wollstonecraft opened a school to make a living and had to close that same school when her friend and partner, Fanny Blood married and left the school. Blood died of complications in childbirth. Wollstonecraft when on to write, despite the fact that few women were able to support themselves as writers, she overcame her struggles. I’m not sure how she survived, sheer determination or her desire to argue women deserved an education.

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