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June: My Five Obsessions

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During the summer months, I’m a little more introspective but I suppose that’s why festivals exist, we can immerse ourselves in music, literature, and dance. June feels like the beginning of everything and so much seems possible; it’s the start of summer, there are many holidays to celebrate i.e. Bloomsday. I remember my first Midsummer Night in Devon, the bonfire and an outdoor performance of A Midsummer’s Night Dream made South West England even more special. Here are the five things I’m obsessed with.

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March: My Five Obsessions

This month I am fixated on several things (like reading personal ads in the New York Review of Books, which surprisingly include a large number of people over 80 seeking love), but I’ve managed to narrow them down to five.

I am so obsessed with the sequel to this hasn't happened yet.

I am so obsessed with the sequel to this book…and it hasn’t happened yet.

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Five Dials, How to be Both, and the other Gems of 2014

Judging from the news, it seems as though the world is in a complete free fall, but 2014 had its moments. So I am going to share everything I discovered this year.

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