Charlie Hebdo & Why #JeSuisNigeria Won’t Work

I was reluctant to write about the Paris terrorist attacks. The assassination of Charlie Hebdo’s staff was horrific; images of their blood stained offices were everywhere and we saw victims on stretchers being carried away, it’s one of those scenes that we can’t forget so I thought why write about it. The networks seize these moments and hope for a ratings increase (most desperately need them) and politicians will use the attack for their own agenda, but something bothered me; it was the US media’s continued explanation of French satire, the strange examination of French Muslim-Jewish relations and the constant use of words like “controversial and provocative.” Is it really any of those things? Charlie Hebdo is a satirical newspaper with a small left-wing audience; all of their readers were French and well-educated. It was never intended for mass consumption. The sole purpose of satire is to ridicule the shortcomings of society and ultimately disrespecting a religion shouldn’t result in death.

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