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Happy Christmas

Dear Readers,
I love everything about Christmas, the smell of evergreen, the flickering trees and poinsettias. It’s the only time of year when it’s perfectly acceptable to eat a dozen of sugar cookies without feeling guilty. So here we are at Christmastime, Mariah Carey’s Merry Christmas is playing nonstop and I’ve lost count of my cookie intake. Hopefully, I can maintain this upbeat mood; it definitely depends entirely on literary magazine editors withholding rejection letters until the new year, I mean it is the holidays. Acceptance letters are always welcome. My short story may need a Christmas miracle, the plot is a bit bleak (my friend says it would bring D.H. Lawrence to tears), but I believe in it – more than anything I’ve written so far.
I promise to return in January with new posts. Until then I have last minute holiday gift ideas.

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March: My Five Obsessions

This month I am fixated on several things (like reading personal ads in the New York Review of Books, which surprisingly include a large number of people over 80 seeking love), but I’ve managed to narrow them down to five.

I am so obsessed with the sequel to this hasn't happened yet.

I am so obsessed with the sequel to this book…and it hasn’t happened yet.

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