Music, Fame, and Missing Love

So you face yesterday
Thinking on the days of old
And the price that we paid
For a love we couldn’t hold
I let you slip away
There was nothing I could do
That was so long ago, yeah
Still I often think of you

-Fleetwood Mac

There is one story that no one can forget, it still quietly echoes in music today, a story of soul mates lost in their search for fame. Often love between two celebrities seems contrived, perhaps it is the tabloids capturing their private moments or their representatives revealing who the actress/singer is wearing that makes the idea love such a strange concept. Before there were entertainment shows, social media and those strange paparazzi who are content to wade through a celebrity’s rubbish (although it’s possible they did that in the sixties and seventies), there was no way to judge whether a couple was truly in love or if they were on the rocks. Relationships were private and society wasn’t nearly as invested in celebrities’ private lives as they are today. This voyeuristic culture that we live in thrives on chaos, especially since the life of a celebrity couple crumbling makes for good ratings.

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